Queens of RH: Helen Scott & Crystal Ash

I have two exciting Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem authors to share with you:

Helen Scott and Crystal Ash!

Check out their latest releases.

Helen Scott

helen scott
Queen of the Underworld

Poppy’s to-do list might be short, but it is difficult.

1. Make it to the Underworld before the insidious human organization that wants to control it
2. Defend the Underworld the Norse goddess of Helheim
3. Claim the throne

A battle for the Underworld is brewing. Taking the throne might be close to impossible between having a goddess and a secretive human organization bent on the domination of all the realms on her tail. How can Poppy, her hellhounds, and her judges defend it?

It doesn’t help when one of her judges goes missing while she sleeps. When they fall under attack Poppy must choose between fighting, staying safe, and searching for her missing man.

After a wild chase through the Underworld, Poppy has three questions. Who can she trust? Who will betray her for power? How many more secrets the Underworld is hiding?

Don’t miss the final book in the Cerberus trilogy!

Queen of the Underworld

Crystal Ash

Exciting book one in Crystal’s Unholy Trinity Series

One day, I’m nobody. The next, I’m a witch. And I’ve caught the attention of three smoking hot demons.

I left home to start over, to escape a world I never fit in. I soon learned that my past was a lie. My parents suppressed my magical abilities and tried to make me forget my true nature. They almost succeeded.

Now my real grandmother is back in my life and teaching me the craft of our people. After living my whole life without magic, I feel like a blind woman seeing for the first time.

But three devilishly handsome men are saying there’s more to my story. I see them everywhere, even in my dreams which are starting to feel like distant memories.

They say I’m not an ordinary witch. My grandmother says not to trust them. Who do I believe?
Witch’s Dawn


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