Queens of RH: LJ Swallow & Alexia Purdy

I have two exciting Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem authors to share with you:

L J Swallow and Alexia Purdy!

L J Swallow

held by magic

Held by Magic

I helped the Four Horsemen save the world. Now I’m marked for death.The only people who can help me are three powerful and seductive guys who don’t belong in this world—and the Horsemen want them dead. After the almost-apocalypse, my life as an untrustworthy, half-demon thief returned to normal. But everything changed when my latest job ended in disaster. I lost the item I was ‘acquiring’ and gained a death mark. If I don’t find the cure soon, I’m facing life as a lich under the control of a necromancer.

Three sexy supernatural guys have tracked me down. Powerful but seductive elemental, Cillian. Sharp and guarded wizard, Morgan. Their mysterious and passionate companion, Dex. They need my skills to locate an item and know someone who can find a cure for my mark. So, we strike a deal: I’ll assist them if they protect and help me.

I’m taking a risk trusting dangerous men who stepped through the portals from an unknown world. But my death is imminent and options limited, so I’ve agreed to leave with the three tonight.

If they murder me, I’ll be really annoyed.

Held by Magic

Alexia Purdy

alexa purdy the cursed labyrinth

The Cursed Labyrinth

Book 2 of the Accursed Archangels Series

Cursed Labyrinth on Amazon
Thalia Brennan is lost within the legendary labyrinth realm called the Skein alongside the archangel, Ereziel. Encountering different beings and enchanted locations, they must find a way out. It’s rumored there’s a doorway into heaven from here, but no one knows exactly where it is. Thalia is certain the gate doesn’t exist until she stumbles upon a young girl who’s also lost. She didn’t come from Earth. She came from the Heaven’s gate and must be returned.

The creatures of the Skein Labyrinth can be terrifying than those of Earth, Heaven, or Hell. When the three companions make their way to the outer rings to find the gateway to Heaven, they discover there’s more here than meets the eye and being a native might have its advantages. Being hunted by those who’ve heard Thalia has the only key to escape, the trio scramble to find the portal back to Earth, or the gate to Heaven before becoming imprisoned in this strange realm forever.

Accursed Archangels is a young adult urban fantasy series which will appeal to readers of paranormal romance, vampires, reverse harems, angels, demons, and supernatural lore.

The Cursed Labyrinth

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