Queens of RH: Kim Faulks & Marissa Farrar

I have two exciting Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem authors to share with you:

Kim Faulks and Marissa Farrar!

Check out their latest releases.

Kim Faulks

Hell is a Harem 2

kim 2

Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, has reappeared into my life and he owes a shit ton of alimony.
Twenty-five years worth to be exact, timed from the day he walked out on me and my mother and never looked back.
And I plan on making his life a living Hell until he pays up.
He just smiles, ruffles my hair and tells me I’m cute when I’m angry.
But anger isn’t all that’s rising to the surface with this surprise reunion.
The seal on my past has been broken and the skeletons in the closet are coming out to play.
Dark secrets that involve my mother and the circumstances surrounding her death.
Now I want truth…I demand justice—served cold, on a platter, alongside my father’s stony heart.
But the past isn’t done with me, not by a long shot.
It whispers a new name now…mine.
And it won’t stop until the circle is complete, and I lie in an unmarked grave alongside my Mom at the hands of a powerful sect called The Nine.
The men I love won’t let that happen.
Inspector Titus Banks will risk his job.
Rival, my Hellhound, will turn his back on the Lord of Hell himself.
The Archangel Gabriel will bleed.
And they’ll do it all for love.
I’m holding on with all I have, adrift in the darkness of the past…only I can’t hold on much longer.
I need my Harem…and I need them now.

Hell is a Harem 2

Hell is a Harem


Marissa Farrar

With A Dragon’s Heart

marissa 2

Four strangers united. Magic reborn. A Great War begun. Cast to the north by Elvish magic, human Dragonsayer, Dela Stonebridge, has learned of her ability to communicate with dragons.

By her side stand three leaders of their own races, each sworn to protect her while they battle to unite their people. Warsgra, the warrior Norc, strong and fierce. Orergon, the leader of his tribe of Moerians, the hunter and protector. And Vehel, the Elvish prince, whose illegal use of magic has broken the Treaty between their kinds.

In the south, a Second Great War has begun, and the only way to stop it will be through Dela’s abilities … if she can learn to control them.

With magic and death at every corner, Dela must fulfil her destiny… or die trying.

With A Dragon’s Heart

Through a Dragon’s Eyes

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