Scottish Witches with Karen Soutar


Mari Wells

I’m so happy, no….. elated to have Karen Soutar here to talk about her native witches with us. Karen and I have been planning this for some time now and the anticipation was becoming unbearable.

If you haven’t already you NEED to read her story about her local witches

So without me rambling on further…Because I will do it…. I’ll hand it over to Karen and her first post …. yes, I did forget to mention that didn’t I? Karen’s agreed to doing a series for us. A whole month of Scottish Witches!!! YES!!! Four posts about Scottish Witches….. Oh be still my content heart…

Here’s Karen…..

How I discovered the wonderful, wicked world of witches

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘Scottish witches’? The three from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, hunched round their cauldron? The ones who chase Tam O’ Shanter in Robert Burns’s poem? Scotland is…

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Top Ten Tuesday: Sequels I Can’t Wait For!



Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Each week they will post a new Top Ten list that one of their bloggers over at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join.

The topic for this week is: Top Ten Sequels I Can’t Wait For!

I’m generally a fairly patient person. But there are some series that I love/hate/drive me so crazy that I can’t wait to read the next book! Here are ten of the books that I’m anxious to be released!

The Fiery Heart Dreams of Gods and Monsters The One Taste of Darkness

The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines #4) by Richelle Mead – I really enjoy this series. It’s fun and exciting and has just the right amount of romance. I’ve been wanting to read this book since I finished The Indigo Spell (despite the fact that I can’t stand the cover of TFH). I’ve…

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Sebastian is coming…



You heard me right. If you’re a fan of my series “My Prodigy” then you know who I’m talking about. The 2nd book in the series, “The Calm Before The Storm” is coming out soon and the name should say it all. If things go well with the editor possibly this coming week. I’ve been getting emails galore regarding the 2nd book so here’s the good news.

I’ve marked the 1st book “Sweet Innocence” to free on Smashwords which will trickle to Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, Kobo and Diesel too. Here’s the link to Smashwords: If you haven’t read the first installment, here’s your chance. The 2nd book picks up where the first leaves off. Yep, it will end with a huge….. Nahhh!!! I can’t tell you how the 2nd book ends. Let’s just say, you’ll be wanting to get the 3rd book which hopefully comes out…

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Origins of the Strigoi


And oldie but goodie. Very insightful blog.

Twilight Path

Since its first appearance in a 1996 issue of the International Society of Vampire’s newsletter, the Midnight Sunthe loan-word “Strigoi” has been picked up by portions of the modern vampire community and used as an alternate label of self-identification. However, those familiar with the word strega may wonder how and why strigoi  — so close to the Italian word for “witch” — came to be associated not with witchcraft, but with vampirism.

Within the modern vampire community, the term strigoi has become synonymous with “living vampirism.” Although vampires of the undead variety are the most widely recognized vampires of folklore, it is important to note the most of the Eastern European countries from whence our folklore about vampires originates acknowledged living vampires as well. In the folklore of Romania, several words are used to denote vampires. One of the most common is strigoi (fem. strigoica), followed by

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Shane O’Neill – Featured Author of The Dracula Chronicles


Very good picks.

Victoria Embers

As Halloween closes in, I wanted to feature (again) a few authors who have been on my blog this year. Today meet Shane O’Neill, author of the Dracula Chronicles.
The Author - Shane O'Neill

About Shane

Shane O’Neill is the writer of The Dracula Chronicles, a new and exciting series adding a new dimension to the Dracula myth. He has begun the series with Chronicle 3 to give his readers the vampire first. Chronicle 1 will follow to take you back to the beginning.

The author developed a fascination with Dracula from an early age. Like many others he was enthralled by Christopher Lee’s portrayal of him on the big screen. It was in his late teens that he discovered Dracula the man and the love affair began from there. An avid historian, he studied the period in which the real historical Vlad Dracula lived, 15th Century Balkan, for many years. It followed from there…

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The Unseen by J L Bryan


Grab it for Halloween.

Michelle Muto


J.L. Bryan’s new book is out for Halloween. And even better, you’ve got a chance to win it as part of my Coffin Hop 2013 prize pack here.  As you can tell, after last week’s major announcement, I’m ALL about Halloween this year. J.L. is the famed author of the Jenny Pox series, so it’s exciting to take part in getting the word out about The Unseen.

J.L.: I want to thank Michelle Muto for posting about my upcoming release, The Unseen, and letting me contribute a copy to her Coffin Hop!  The book is a horror/dark fantasy novel, just in time for Halloween.  Michelle has graciously offered to post an excerpt of the book, so I’ve including that after the description.

If you don’t win a copy from Michelle, you can still enter on the Book Blast posts next week to win an autographed copy, which will be…

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