Success With Your Virtual Book Tour.


Here is an excerpt, paraphrased, from a great article on how to have successful virtual book tours that I recently read from Salt Publishing. I have included some of the highlights, great tips on how to create an outstanding virtual tour for your book. To read the article in its entirety please visit:

 A Guide to Creating a Virtual Book Tour

  1. The aim of a virtual book tour is to generate word-of-mouth in a coordinated and accessible way:
    • Find ten blogs who will host a brief interview with you, over a period of a month or two.
    • Each blog should host three questions about the book (which you may suggest), that may also cover how you wrote the book, or about your life as a writer.
    • As part of each blog post, you should feature a link to your title page.
    • As part of the interview you should offer each blogger an image of yourself and of your book.
    • Make sure you can pull the tour off. Make sure you can find the time to answer questions and any queries that a blogger may have, as well as find the best blogs for your book in the first place.
    • You will probably have a wide range of friends who are blogging already, though you needn’t make use of just these potential collaborators, you can try your luck with other blogs.
    • Make sure you know when this will all take place and line up your bloggers, your questions and the dates of each guest post.
    • Make sure you use comments to feedback to each blogger and to thank them.
  2. Give the book tour a unique brand. Be creative.
  3. What do bloggers get out of this? Hopefully tons of sales.